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Friday, 13 March 2015

Why I Love The Changing Rooms At H&M

Hi Bunnies.

I went to a event called "48 hours of fashion" today in Nottingham city centre. I will post a blog post about the event soon while i organise the photographs and film footage.

At this present moment i wanted to share with you my shopping experience in H&M. This happened after i went to the 48 hours of fashion event.

I don't normally shop at H&M because i find the the lack of plus size clothes frustrating. However i like to browse and gain outfit ideas.

I've discovered today that i can shop in the H&M basics range because a "Large" size did fit me. I tried it on in the changing room. If you are 5ft 8 tall like me and a size 16-18 go and have a browse:-)

Sizes seem to be different in every retail shop i go in. I guess it's better to try clothes on so that you know if it fits you.

I love the basics range because you can jazz a outfit up with accessories.

I've also come to a conclusion that i love H&M's changing rooms because they have great mirrors, lights and you can see yourself from all perspectives.

I'm not vein, i just like taking selfies. Haha.

Here is what i brought from H&M...
Blue vest. £3.99
Basics long vest £6.99
Grey T-shirt £6.99
Let me know if you've shopped in the basics range in H&M. Tell me what you think of the range.

Bunny Hugs,



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