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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

In 10 Years Time

Hi Bunnies.

I watched Alfie Deyes (@pointlessblog) new video called "10 Years Time" and i enjoyed it. However, it made me reflect about the attitude i used to have in the past towards myself and i wanted to share with you.

I feel that i have plenty of time to fulfil goals which i want to achieve in my life time. I'm doing my best in my current situation which is all i can do.

I scanned the comment section of Alfie's video and i saw a few viewers saying that they will be 27 in 10 years time. I felt a small sense of panic from them.

This is my age at the moment and i want to reassure anybody who feels this way that there's no pressure what you do with your life. I'll be honest with you i'm still not 100% sure now but i am going with the flow.

It's you who puts the amount of pressure on yourself and it's you who is in control.

I used to put a lot pressure on myself when i was a teenager with what i wanted to do in my life. The more pressure i put on myself, the more i had absolutely no idea what i wanted to do.

However, since i have let the anxiety go i feel a lot happier and in control of my life. If you want to know how i got rid of the anxiety.

This is what i did :-

  • I stopped looking at everybody else's life. Everybody has their own life path and journey to take. It's not a race.
  • Enjoying each day as it comes
  • I made a vision board of goals which i want to achieve.
  • Keeping motivated by giving myself compliments each day "You are doing great Hayley" "Keep going" "You can do this"

I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the journey!

Bunny Hugs,



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