Bramcote Hills Fun Fair

Hi Bunnies

From the 2nd April - 6th April 2015 (Easter weekend) a fun fair came to Bramcote park in Nottingham.

I decided to go and film around because it was a local event and i do enjoy the atmosphere of the fair.

I was surprised and a bit shocked that it was empty because it was the easter holidays. The benefits of a quiet fun fair is that i could take photographs and film without many interruptions.

Here are a few photographs from the fun fair.

Bramcote fun fair also had food, arcade machines, flashing lights and rave music.

I've been hearing on various social media about the event called Coachella in California, USA which is a big music and arts festival.

However, i think that Bramcote funfair is much better because it has free entry, spacious and you can get candy floss.


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