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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Draw My Life

Hi Bunnies

I filmed a Draw my life video.

Have you watched it yet?
I've seen many draw my life videos and i wanted to do my own version because you as a viewer can get to know me better.

I realised when filming this video that it takes a lot more time and effort than i realised. However it was worth it.

The total time was about a hour worth of film without the speeding up and jump cuts.

I had to set the camera from a birds eye view when filming so you could see the white board.

Here are 3 stills which i didn't insert into draw my life.

This is blog exclusive information...

1.When i was a child apart from having guiena pigs as pets. I also had 3 gold fish, a evil hamster (called sunshine who use to hate humans) and mice.
2. When i was at secondary school in year 7 i was in a talent contest called "Battle of the bands"
Me and my school friend dressed up as Daphne and Celeste and mimed to "U.G.LY" we won the best entertainment act.
3. In 2008 i took part in a fashion charity event called V-inspired. Me and my friend Jake made outfits from old materials into new to be auctioned online for charity. The outfits that were the best made it onto a catwalk in London. My outfit got picked and featured in Grazia magazine.

My dress was inspired by the singer Rhianna's butterfly tattoo. I turned a old black night gown into a dress with butterflies cut out from magazines.

Bunny Hugs,



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