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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Looking After Your Rabbit (The Drawing Edition) for RAW

Hi Bunnies.

I wanted to make a video for (RAW) Rabbit Awareness Week (9th May - 17th May) because i don't think rabbits are just cute little fluff bombs they do actually require a lot of attention, love and space.

I made a video last year for RAW which was called "How to look after your rabbit. The essential items you will need" which got a fantastic response (over 1000 views!) and i had lovely comments saying that it had helped new bunny owners.

Please go to www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk for tips, advice, information and more.

So, how did i get the idea for the drawing video? well I was sat in front of the television watching music channels (i do this often as i don't have to concentrate on what i am watching i can just enjoy the music!) and i was doodling on my note pad all various little fluffy rabbits and then....


The idea came into my mind about creating a drawing video (exactly the same as the Draw My Life video i made a few weeks ago) but in rabbit drawing style. I had done my research and this has not been created by anybody else before and i thought it was a fun way of promoting rabbit health and wellbeing.

What do you guys think? Please comment below and let me know :)

My blog exclusive tips and advice (drawing style!):-

A rabbits diet consists 80% hay/grass and 20% pellets/veg

A rabbits living space should be big enough for a rabbit to lie in and stretch in all directions, tall enough for the rabbit to sit or stand (no ears touching the roof), long enough for the rabbit to hop continuously 3 times and finally lots of room to play in a secure exercise run.

Rabbits need friends as they are very sociable animals. The best pair is a neutered male and female and they love to snuggle, eat and play together.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and video.

Bunny Hugs,



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