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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My First Curvy Look Bunny Book. Summer 2015

Hi Bunnies!

I've filmed my very first curvy look bunny book. It's my own plus size look book but the Bunny Moonstone edition. 
In this blog post you can watch my video and below i will show you each outfit and where i brought the clothes/accessories from.

Outfit 1
Cream White Sun Hat. F&F. £12
Blue Tunic Dress. New Look. £7
White Shrug. Asda. £9
Heart Necklace. Accessorize. £10
Black Pumps. Evans. £19
Outfit 2
Purple Tunic. Asda. £10
Black flip flops. Primark. £5
Tinkerbell Necklace. Sue Ryder. £2
Outfit 3
Black Shrug. F&F. £7
Red Basic Vest. Peacocks. £4
Black Skater Skirt. New Look. £19.99
Vlog bag. Bunny Moonstone
Click HERE to find out how i made my bag!
Outfit 4
Black dress. New Look. £14.99
Pink Shrug. Peacocks. £12.99
Prescribed Sunglasses. Tesco. £60
Pink Pumps. Evans. £19

Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed my video and if you like my summer outfits.

Bunny Hugs,



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