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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Introduction To Stitchin Sunday

Hi Bunnies.

I haven't wrote in my blog for a while and i wanted to write a blog post about my latest video series on Sundays called "Stitchin Sunday".

So what is Stitchin Sunday? well it's basically myself stitching and illustrating every Sunday and videos will be uploaded at 3pm (UK time).
I wanted to create videos which involved a mixture of relaxation and creativity. I feel that YouTube is so full of entertainment to watch (which is fantastic and i enjoy watching!). However, sometimes i find it quite stressful keeping up with so many videos. 

Let me know in the comments below if you feel the same! :)

So how did i come up with the idea in the first place? well i was walking around Bramcote Hills Park and i stopped to take photographs of the beautiful trees.

The idea popped into my head because i was curious to know about what creatures would be lurking amongst the greenery. 

The photograph i took reminds me of a Enchanted Forest and that's how i've come up with the first theme. I have incorporated this photograph onto all of my video thumbnails so it links the episodes together.

I want the viewer to relax and enjoy the process of when i create each illustration. My music for all of my videos i have used acoustic guitar music which i find personally relaxing.

When i was studying art and design at college i was always interested in free hand embroidery and illustrating. I am inspired by artists such as Lauren Child (who illustrates the Charlie and Lola books) because i love how she mixtures various textures/digital illustrating and also Corrina Rothwell who originally illustrated with machine embroidery but now has progressed to digital drawing. I also thought about my strengths with my creative abilities and my love of illustrating which would make my YouTube channel more unique and different.

My old sketchbooks are packed with experimentations of a combination of drawing, painting, pastel and stitch. I'm so glad that i have kept my sketchbooks because these have sparked off ideas for this video series on my channel.

Stitchin Sunday can also be used as a hashtag on twitter and various social media. I want you all to get involved with my project by suggesting different themes i could do. 

I would eventually love to share my fashion designing skills with you and combine the stitching together at some point (if this video series is successful). But at this current moment in time i am concentrating on the very first theme and enjoying the process of it. 

In total it's going to have 6 episodes including the last episode of the theme which is going to have all of my creations in one video.

I started to make a playlist which you can watch if you have missed any episodes so far.

Click HERE to view.

Bunny Hugs,



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