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Friday, 2 October 2015

One Year Ago Today Since I Went To Disney World - Reflection

Hi Bunnies.

This blog post is about how much i feel that i have changed internally over this past year since i visited Disney World last year. At the time i had just started my YouTube channel and it's inspired me to write this blog and share my feelings with you one year on.
My trip to Disney World was (and still is) special to me as it was my very first visit and i had been dreaming about this for my entire life. I am extremely lucky and grateful to have gone and to have fulfilled one of my life goals.

Disney to me symbolises creativity, happiness and positivity. It's why i loved visiting so much and i am longing to go again.

I can remember my first few videos when i spoke about my Disney World trip. I didn't have the confidence to vlog my trip at the time and i'm sort of glad that i didn't because the trip that i was longing for was just purely for me to experience.

Watch my first Disney video below :)

I'm glad that i presented my Disney world videos in the way that i did by speaking about my experience and showing photographs. This felt more of a comfortable way of me sharing my holiday with you at the time because i had no experience talking in front of a camera or editing.

This is one of my recent videos. I can see a huge difference! can you? let me know in the comments below.

Over this past year i have noticed that i am slowly growing in confidence with my channel. I am not as full of anxiety or stress than when i first started. My stuttering still does get the better of me sometimes and i get really annoyed at myself when i edit any film footage (takes me ages to edit!)

It's amazing what the power of editing can do because i could stutter all i wanted whilst filming but then come across as really confident person (thanks to imovie!). If i was to film a video right now which was completely unedited then you would be able to see this part of me which i usually keep hidden and that i am secretly working on all of the time.

My channel has and is making me a better person as i am learning how to communicate more clearly  and i feel it's been a difficult journey because i have always had (and will have) a creative brain.

My brain usually goes at 100 miles per hour all of the time and it's full of creative ideas, quotes from films, music lyrics and funny memes from the internet. My mouth can't keep up with what i am thinking so this is why i think that i stutter. It's not just when i film videos either, it sometimes happens to me in every day life.

I've learnt over this past year that i need to slow down and take my time to get the results which i want. In my mind i always seem to be in this big rush to do everything all at once and then when i would get down to filming then i would feel so tired, burnt out and not being able to produce anything.

Meditation has really helped me to overcome any fears or anxiety which holds me back from achieving my goals. It's an amazing feeling when your mind is quiet so can hear one thought at a time rather than all at once. haha!

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried meditation or what you've done to overcome your fears.

Bunny Hugs,



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  1. Awww, I do so hope you can make it back yo Disney World again one day Hayley!