Scunci - Vintage Roll Create A Look Kit

Hi Bunnies!
If you have watched my recent vlog on my second channel then you will know that i have purchased a Scunci "Create the look" Vintage Roll hair kit from Superdrug.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried one of these kits! :)

My hair is getting long and i have been researching into easy and quick ways of making my hair look more interesting rather than just straight or wavy. YouTube tutorials are great but i find that it requires patience and a lot of replays.

This kit contains the equipment to create a vintage roll look and you get a elastic headband with a long piece of foam in the shape of a sausage and bobby pins. The foam has to be placed just under the ball of your head and it will tuck comfortably into place.

I tucked the elastic headband underneath my fringe to hide it.
I combed the hair over the sides of my head to hide the elastic band, but left the hair which has the foam under it as this is for the next step.
I pulled the hair over and twisted it over the foam band. This hair style is so easy as you just hide the foam as best you can with your hair and secure with pins.
The next step is that hair underneath the foam has to be lifted upwards, wrapped over the foam and secured with a pin.
Repeat the process and when you're finished..

I completed this with out a mirror and i don't feel that you need one either as you are just feeling the hair to cover up the foam band.
Bunny Hugs,

Hayley xxxx


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