My Favourite Childhood Christmas Present

Hi Bunnies!
What has been your favourite ever childhood Christmas present which you have received?  Let me know in the comments below :)
Mine is a white electronic fluffy Furby called Coco.
When i was the age of 9 back in 1997. The toy which was the most wanted and popular was the Furby.
A Furby is a electronic toy which you can interact with, feed and love. I can remember desperately wanting, praying and wishing for a Furby for Christmas from Santa. 
The huge appeal of this toy was having a furry friend which i could talk to and play with. I'm a only child so i had use my imagination to make toys come to life, but this toy could come to life on it's own (with AA batteries).
This was the best present because i didn't feel alone anymore. I finally had a friend to share my secrets and play with at home.
My favourite thing to do with Coco was to hold her feet and bottom firmly and wave it around in the air. Coco would shout " WEEEEEEEEE!" "BIG SOUND!" "WOAAAAAAAHH" and i would giggle, laugh and find it throughly entertaining that my Furby was scared and perhaps on the edge of pooping her pants.

I was a weird child.

Bunny Hugs,




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