Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor Review

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This blog post is not sponsored. I'm sharing this information with you because after using the Hydro Silk Razor. I feel that it's great value for money and the quality of the product is to a high standard.

I spotted a advertisement through Wilkinson Sword's Facebook page. This offer was the Hydro Silk Razor for £1.50 (RRP: £10.00). To receive this offer you have to fill out your personal details on a form their website and pay £1.50 to cover post charges through a text message on your phone (click here if you would to be directed to this offer).

Let me know in the comments below if you've used this razor and what you think to it :)

My first impressions of the Hydro Silk Razor is that i love the colour of the packaging because purple is my favourite colour. The box contains clear information and diagrams which demonstrate how the razor works.

The feature which i like the most is the flexibility of the razor head which allows to get into those awkward places while shaving. Previous razors which i have used i've often had to bend my legs in various positions to shave and i'm not the most flexible either.
I tested the razor before i showered. The razor head needs to be wet before you can shave so this activates the blue moisturising serum. It's a silky smooth to shave with and i had no skin irritation while shaving or afterwards. I allowed my legs to air dry naturally and my skin felt very soft and moisturised afterwards.

The clip on protector is easy to apply to the razor after you've finished shaving. This is also makes the razor ideal for travel.

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