Friday, 15 January 2016

RIP David Bowie

My art video tribute to music legend and style icon David Bowie. RIP

I created my illustration by using acrylic paints, fine liners and neon gel pens.

Watch below :)

My favourite songs were Star Man and The Little Drummer Boy.

When i was at primary school i used to play the harmonica. The only song which i could play was The Little Drummer Boy and because of the countless times i practiced it over and over again. I got very good at it. I ended up performing in front of the entire school in morning assembly.

David Bowie has taught me that you should always put yourself out there and not afraid to be different.

So i shall keep carrying on with putting my creativity out there into the world and making videos.

If i ever find the video footage from my performance then it will definitely be uploaded onto my main YouTube channel.

Bunny Hugs,




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