Hayley's Top 3 Tips To Help Your Creativity

Hi Bunnies.
Creativity to me is all about self expression. I use my creativity to express my feelings and emotions as i am a sensitive person. When i am creating something, i channel all of my energy into it. This gives my busy mind something to focus on and temporarily it goes unusually quiet.
I've always been creative ever since i was a child and i think it's because i've always found the world a overwhelming place and creativity allows me to express how i feel towards it.
My mind is scattered and i get the best ideas at the most inconvenient of times (thanks brain!) whether it's 3am and i can't sleep or when i'm in the bath/shower. However i've learnt to accept my creative mind exactly how it is and adapt to how it works.
I encourage you who ever is reading this to do this as well. It's no good to compare yourself to other artists. Everybody works different and personally i just have to wait until the creativity wave hits me right in the face.
So here are my top 3 tips to help you with your creativity :)
Top 3 Tips To Help Your Creativity
1. Keep a record of your ideas
What helps me is keeping a little note book at the side of my bed with a pen. If i get a idea early hours of the morning, then i write it down and start the project at a convenient time
Another way of recording ideas (which is much quicker) is using a voice recorder which i have on my IPhone 5.
2.Take a break if a creative block comes your way. 
Creative blocks can make you feel miserable (and i have been through it myself. My longest creative block was 2 years). However you should never force yourself to create. The best thing to do is relax, chill and do something else. See your friends or family, get outside, take a bath. Do something which will take you away from thinking about the block. Then it will come naturally :)
I find that when i am creating that the experimentation is the most fun part. A project can go in many directions towards the final piece or product. Often i sometimes forget this important part and tend to jump to the end out of impatience. Experimentation can make your work better and it's to show that you have tried different directions.
Watch my Creativity Tag video below:) Enjoy!
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