Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Alberto Balsam New Blends Shampoo And Conditioner Review

Hey Bunnies!

The shampoo and conditioner which i am currently using is the Alberto Balsam New Blends. This is specifically for dry and damaged hair. I brought them from Sainsburys and they are £1.50 each.

I wanted to tell you my thoughts on these products as i have been using them for a couple of weeks.

My thoughts are that this is one of the nicest smelling shampoo and conditioners that i have ever used. The blend of coconut and avocado oil smells so good.

I have long hair and i suffer with dry ends, however the Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner is very moisturising.

Look how shiny my hair is! :)
Bunny Hugs,




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  2. Are you sure they're cruelty free? Some say, as a Unilever brand, they're not... :(

    1. Hi Elizabeth. This review was posted before i turned cruelty free with beauty. I'm unsure if Alberto Balsam are a cruelty free brand. I will need to research into it. But i have not mentioned in this blog post that they are or in the hashtags.

    2. I've researched and you are correct. Alberto Balsam are not cruelty free. I will not be using their products anymore. Thank you for bringing this to my attention :)


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