I'm Obsessed With Nyx Cosmetics Soft Lip Matte Creams

Hi Bunnies!
I'm writing this post in dedication of my love for Nyx Cosmetics Soft Lip Matte Creams. I've got a obsession with them at the moment. I have 3 so far in the shades Antwerp, Tokyo and Sydney.
The reason why i'm so obsessed with them is that they look great, have fantastic staying power and are very affordable (£5.50 from Boots). I love how they feel silky smooth to apply but dry matte. I can eat, drink, pout and the lip cream does not budge.  Nyx Cosmetics are also cruelty free :) yippeeeee!
My skin is a porcelian shade and i find it hard to find lipsticks which i feel comfortable in and which suit me. After researching on pinterest and beauty blogs, my first purchase was in the shade Sydney. It's my favourite which is a light and vibrant pink. 
In the shade "Sydney"
The swatches which i have seen on the internet for the Nyx Cosmetics soft lip matte creams appear much lighter than they actually are. I wanted to show you a swatch on my skin so you can actually see what they look like.
in the shade "Toyko"
I hope that this gave you a better view of the colours on pale skin as they are much darker than advertised.

Bunny Hugs,




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