Inecto's Naturals Coconut Infusion Range

Hi, everyone.

Inecto is one of my favourite cruelty-free brands for toiletries because they are :-

- Vegan Friendly
- Not Tested On Animals
- Have No Unnecessary Nasties
- Paraben Free
- Made In England

Inecto has kindly sent me their naturals coconut infusion range to review which is available for a limited time at Body care and Savers. All of the range contains organic coconut oil in shower gels, body sprays and body lotions.
The 2 scents in the infusions range are tropical coconut (which contain papaya oil and organic coconut oil) and is lime & mint coconut (which contains zesty lime and organic coconut oil.) The design is beautifully high quality, vibrant and colourful. The products brightens up my bathroom nicely
The body lotions (£1.99 each) are creamy white and light in texture. The moisturisers absorb easily into the skin with a strong scent which leaves the scent lingering on your skin for days. My skin smells lovely and it feels very moisturised.  No dry patches on my elbows or on my knees. Success!
The shower gels (£1.49 each) are a creamy white texture which lather up very easily. I would recommend using a sponge or a loofah for a extra clean feel.
The body sprays a £2.99 each and are a fantastic travel size for your handbag. They contain 90% natural origins I find that 3 pumps are plenty to cover your whole body.  It's recommended to use the shower gel and lotion.

My personal favourite scent out of the 2 is the tropical coconut infusion as it transports me to an exotic location. I would very much like to be sat on a sunny beach drinking pina coladas. The range is perfect for summer as I wear more fruity scents around this time.
Watch the video below on my review and recommendation of Inecto - Coconut moisturiser cream.

Bunny Hugs,


This is not paid for advertorial. All opinions are my own. I only talk about products which are cruelty free and which i like. 


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