Go Ahead Snacks Review

Hi everyone.
Go Ahead kindly sent me some of their snacks to try out and test in exchange for my opinion.  I love how Go Ahead are low calorie and are a healthier alternative.
Go Ahead cookie bites are products that have just been launched Crunchy mini cookies with chocolate chips and small bursts of fruity flavour, they have 2 flavours out at the moment. I wish that they would make more. I would like Go Ahead to make an orange, apple and cherry cookie biscuit.
Retailed at £1.99 for 6 packs. 9 biscuits per pack. The cookie bites are my favourite as they satisfy my sweet craving. The white chocolate and raspberry are the best in my opinion. The Cheeky Chocolate and orange, tasted slightly artificial and i preferred the other one better.
Golden baked bars are packed with delicious fruit flavoured filling. £1.99 for 6 bars.129 cal per bake bar. I love the fruit flavouring i think it's delicious.

Crispy slices are light crispy biscuits with fruit filling. Retailed at £1.65 5 packs of 3 slices. 87 calories per slice.
The crispy slices are delicious but why is there 3 in a packet? I think that 3 is too many 2 would be ample. I like the Yoghurt Break bars, which have two in a pack.When testing these slices out, I could never eat the 3rd slice and I would have to save it until later in my bag. 

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