Rush Hair And Beauty Salon Launch Party In Nottingham

Hi everyone.

On Thursday 20th October I was invited to see the new Rush Hair and Beauty salon which opened in Nottingham on Long Row. The event was from 6.00pm until 8.00pm 
When I walked into the salon I was given a name tag which made me feel like a VIP.  I will treasure this name badge for a long time as this is the first event which I've been invited to through my YouTube channel.
Glasses of prosecco with strawberries were offered at the front desk. I couldn't wait to grab a glass and have a look around the salon. 

I think that the interior of the salon was classy, stylish and bright. The salon felt more like a spa than an everyday hairdressers  If you want to treat yourself and escape pressures of everyday life then I would recommend coming here.

The staff were very friendly and were offering my fellow bloggers tours of the salon. I decided to  film my own virtual tour for the internet on my Instagram story. I've uploaded this to my YouTube channel in case anyone has missed it. 

Watch the video below here -
Downstairs was being used for colour consultations on the night if any bloggers wanted to book themselves in for a future appointment. Party snacks and nibbles were offered to us as we went round the venue.
Upstairs had GHD styling, braiding and hair up stations avaliable.
I decided to have my hair straightened by GHDs(good hair day) as i wanted to try it out. having heard so many good reviews on their products. My hair was so shiny and sleek after it was straightened. I felt like a princess.

The brand of products which i noticed mostly at Rush hair were Kerastase, Redken and 72 Hair.
The only cruelty free brand which i'm aware of is 72 Hair.  In a ideal world i would love if all hair salons would use cruelty free products.

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  1. What fun! I would have loved to have been there with you sweetheart!


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