Betty Crockers Devil's Food Cake Mix Review

Hi everyone
It's that time of year again when I find myself eating more sweet foods due to the colder weather. A slice of cake seems more appealing to me rather than a healthy soup or salad.
I brought a Betty Crockers Devil's food cake mix from ASDA last week and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.
After researching on the Betty Crocker website there are gluten free alternative kits available which I would love to test and blog for you. 
The cake mix comes in a packet inside the box and you have to combine your own eggs, vegetable oil and water in a large bowl. The ingredients are easy to mix together to create a beautifully smooth texture. Cakes which I make from scratch the mixture never comes out as good.
I divided the mixture into 2 cake tins and put in the oven (180 degrees on the middle shelf for about 25 mins)
As my two cakes were baking in the oven. a delicious smell of chocolate spread around my entire house and my mouth was drooling the entire time. 
When the cakes were baked I was shocked with how well they had risen. I placed them to cool on a cooling rack and as I waited for them to cool i made my own butter icing. After smothering Morrisons Strawberry value jam on each cake, I added my butter icing to help it all stick together.
I sandwiched the cakes together and TA-DA a beautiful cake was created. 
The cake was very moist and tasted delicious. I would recommend buying Betty Crockers Devil's Food Cake Mix. It's easy to make if you follow the instructions.
Let me know in the comments below if you have tried making any Betty Crockers products before.
The cake says it serves 12 people but seeing as though i'm 5ft 10 tall i would probably count for about 3 people. 

Well.... that's my excuse to eat more cake anyway.

Bunny Hugs,




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