Visiting Green's Mill And Science Centre

Hi everyone
Yesterday i visited Green's Mill which is a 19th century tower windmill in Sneinton, Nottingham. It used to be owned and operated by scientist called George Green. You can visit the windmill and learn about how flour is made. The award winning organic flour is avaliable at the gift shop to purchase inside the science centre.

The Science Centre is a place to play and discover the story of George Green and his achievements.
Green's Mill is a special place to me as I used to often in my childhood with my grandparents. They used to take me nearly every weekend to be let loose on the park and in the small science centre to burn off my unlimited amount of energy.
The tour of the windmill starts from when you climb up to the top and then you learn about the process of how flour is made by working your way down. But in the vlog i did it the opposite way. Oops! 
View from the top of the windmill
Science centre
Watch the vlog below :)
Have you visited Green's Mill before? What did you think about it? :)

Let me know in the comments below.

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