The Importance Of Rest

In today's society, we are expected to be constantly on the go. Have you felt guilty of taking a minute out of your day just to do nothing? I have.
Resting is in total opposition to society’s obsession with achieving. Rest can really be hard for many of us to do. 

I'm currently taking a break from YouTube and apart of me feels guilty for it because I think that it will slow my process towards the goals that I want to achieve.

I've realised that this is not true. I shouldn't feel guilty for taking a break if I feel that I need one. It's not going to hinder my process. I will still reach my goals however I will not burn my body out in the process. I'm currently thinking about my next move and where I want to go next.

The importance of rest is to recharge your physical body even if your mind goes at a million miles per hour like mine does.

So please give yourself permission to rest for a moment and do not feel guilty for it.

Let me know in the comments below how you like to rest.

I love watching Netflix, watering my plants (I've got basil, parsley and rocket growing in the garden) drawing, naps are fantastic too. 

Bunny Hugs,



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