Happy 3rd Birthday BunnyMoonstone

This week my YouTube channel and blog celebrated it's 3rd birthday on the 4th July.
To celebrate BunnyMoonstone's birthday I'd like to share with you (in no particular order) my 5 top favourite videos and also a short reflection on what I've learnt in the 3 years that I've been on YouTube.
Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Bunny Moonstone video is so far.

1. White Post Farm
A great day out with my friend Sarah at White Post Farm in Farnsfield. We loved looking at all of the cute animals and had plenty of giggles. My favourite part was when we raced the pedal go karts. It was a challenge driving and vlogging at the same time.
2. Snizl Bloggers Event
This was a jam-packed evening of visiting some of Nottingham's hidden gems around the city. Snizl Bloggers Event was the biggest event that I had filmed on my YouTube channel so far. It was great to meet and network with a large group of bloggers. My favourite part of the evening was when we were given a tour around Weavers Wines cellar. I swore I could feel a ghost down there as the bumps on my arms were raised.
3. Chino Latino's Birthday Party
It was a really fun evening as everyone dressed up in glamourous reds and blacks. I was able to let my hair down and enjoy myself with my fellow blogging ladies. I especially liked the free bar with the delicious and yummy fruit cocktails. It's one of the best birthday partys I have ever been to.
Chino Latino knows how to party.
4. Focus Gallery Jewellery School Opening Nottingham
I'm a huge supporter of expressing creativity as I am creative myself. It was an honour to get invited to the launch of Focus Gallery Jewellery School. I spent an afternoon making rings with a lovely bunch of people from Left Lion, HeyWhats on Notts and Snizl.
5. Open Lanes And Farm Risley Derby
Open Lanes and Farm in Derby was a perfect way to get my cute fluffy farm yard animal fix. I love animals and I prefer them to people sometimes (haha).The vlog is only 2 minutes long but I think it really captures my personality and sense of humour.
So now I've shared my top 5 favourites videos with you. I wanted to reflect on these past 3 years and what I've learnt so far.

On 4th July 2014, I was absolutely petrified as I had never filmed myself, vlogged in public, edited a video and uploaded a video to YouTube. It's been a journey of continuous learning, experimenting with content and making plenty of mistakes. I think it's great to make mistakes because how do you know the outcome if you don't try.
3 years later I'm confident with filming, vlogging and editing. I enjoy public vlogging rather than sit down videos (I honestly never thought that I would say that haha).
My aim has been focusing on the progression of my channel and trying to make each video better than the last. This is how you become better at what you do by practicing. At the moment I'm still learning and striving to be better at what I do with what I have.
YouTube is not an easy platform to grow and I have really struggled to keep a focus on the positives at times. I've learnt just to keep going with what I love doing and follow my heart.
I've stopped comparing myself to others and I'm learning to accept myself for who I am. Self love is a daily practice and a work in progress.
In the last video and blog that I uploaded which was the Swatch #YOURMOVE Bloggers Event. I filmed a video clip of my entire body whilst dancing in the #yourmove dance class which I would of never have done when I started my channel.  This shows how much more comfortable I am in my own body. I spoke about my body issues in the Destructive Thoughts As A Plus Size Woman And Self Love blog post.
When I started my channel I could instantly tell you a enorrmous long list of what I don't like about myself. But now I can tell you a even bigger list of what I do like about myself. This shows how much I've grown as a person.
YouTube has helped me in other aspects of my life as regards pushing myself out of my comfort zone and meeting new people. I've done things which I would never have thought. In the past 3 years I've learnt to grab and say yes to any opportunity which comes my way.
I've met so many wonderful people through starting my YouTube channel. Thank you to anyone who has subscribed, liked or left a comment. I really love hearing feedback because that helps me to keep going as well as the enormous amount of love and fulfilment for what I do.

So let's raise a cyber glass of a drink of your choice and celebrate many more years of Bunnymoonstone.

Bunny Hugs,



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