It's In Nottingham Secret Dinner Club

I received an exciting email in my inbox from It's In Nottingham a few weeks ago inviting me to attend their first Secret Dinner Club. I jumped at the chance as I love mystery (it makes life interesting, don't you agree?).
I wasn't provided any information to which venues I would attend on the evening of September 28th for dinner and drinks. The only information I was given was to meet at 6:30 pm next to the lions in the old market square along with fellow local bloggers.
When we arrived It's In Nottingham where waiting for us with a photo frame to take pictures for their Instagram and for our social media pages.
At 6:40pm we headed off to the first venue which was the Boilermaker.
I've never been to the Boilermaker before, however, I'm following them on Instagram and I've seen photographs of their innovative, unique and playful cocktails. I loved experiencing it in person. Every cocktail has it's own hashtag which is perfect for the social media world that we live in today.
The Boilermaker reminds me of the saying "Never judge a book by its cover" as it's hidden behind a boiler showroom and then you walk through the doors into a funky and contemporary bar. I like how the Boilermaker is different from other regular bars as it's table service. We all sat back and relaxed while we waited for our first cocktail of the evening.
We were served a Left Lion cocktail with a cute little origami lion on the side of the glass. This was a mixture of G&T, syrup from DoughNotts, Coffee and tonka been liqueur.
At 7:30pm we went to the second venue for dinner which was The Curious Tavern.
The Curious Tavern is very dark and atmospheric. It's beautifully decorated and I love the little quirks in this hidden gem.
I sat on a table with Monet (@monetbrooks) , Dan (@highstreetgent) and Sophie (@SophiesNotebook). We were served "selfie" cocktails which was a mixture of rhubarb and gin with added star sunglasses on the side. I'm not a fan of gin however the fruity rhubarb masked the taste. I like fruity cocktails the best.
I was served a meat pie with smooth mash potatos and peas. It was delicious comforting autumn food which warms your belly. Yummy :)
 At 8:45pm we headed to the third and last venue of the evening which was the Homemade Cafe.
The Homemade Cafe has a delicious window display of homemade cakes and savoury treats which invites you in. 
We were served a selection of 3 sweet treats which were a lemon drizzle cake, oreo cheesecake and a after eight brownie with a fruity strawberry lemonade to wash it down with. My favourite was the oreo cheesecake. I love how cosy and intimate the Homemade cafe feels which will make me return again for a visit.
So there you have it. I visited 3 venues which I have never been to before and I would 100% love to visit them again. 

If you would like to experience this for yourself. Head over to It's In Nottinghams Food and Drink Finder which helps you decide which city centre venue to go for breakfast, dinner, coffee and more.

Thank you to It's In Nottingham for inviting me to this event and for my goodie bag.
Check out their social media pages.
and also a big thanks to the venues for having me.
Venue One: Boilermaker
Venue Two: The Curious Tavern
Venue Three: Homemade Cafe

I captured the whole evening on my Instagram story. Follow to join me at future events.

Watch the vlog below

Bunny Hugs,




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