January Favourites

Hi everyone.
Welcome to my January Favourites. All make up products mentioned are cruelty free :)
Aquarius Horoscope Book
I've always been fascinated with astrology and what my horoscope birth chart indicates about my personality, relationships and career. I find it spookily accurate and I love to learn about how I can use the planetary energies to add to my strengths.
For Christmas I got gifted a Aquarius 2018 horoscope book which lets you know what's in store for the year. Everyday has a little paragraph of what to expect for that day. I really enjoy reading the book as part of my daily routine.
Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Foundation
Gosh X-Ceptional Wear is my favourite foundation it's a staple in my make up collection. This is because the shade "Porcelain" matches my skin tone perfectly. The coverage is buildable and it hides blemishes well. The liquid formula feels light on the skin and a little application goes along way. £7.99 is a good price which makes me come back to it every time.
Elf Lock Eye Primer
The eyeshadows that I like to wear are pigmented and glittery. Because my eyelids are naturally oily this causes the eyeshadow to crease and eventually slip off. I have to use a eyeshadow primer to keep everything in place. In the month of January I was browsing for a eyelid primer which was budget friendly, cruelty free and long lasting. I found one at Superdrug priced £3, which was the Elf Lock Eyelid Primer in the shade Sheen.
To achieve maximum results for long lasting eyeshadow it's best to apply the primer with the application wand provided. Then apply the eyeshadow straight away when the primer is wet.
Soap And Glory Thick & Fast Mascara
Soap and Glory's Thick & Fast Mascara is another staple in my make up collection because it makes the lashes longer and gives more volume. The formula lasts throughout out the day and I've never had any smudging with this mascara. The applicator wand has a variety of sizes of bristles to capture and cover the lashes beautifully.
Whittard Chelsea Blueberry Cheesecake Hot Chocolate
I find great comfort in curling up in bed with a nice cup of warm hot chocolate especially when the weather outside is cold and miserable. I was gifted from a friend for my birthday Whittard Chelsea Blueberry Cheesecake hot chocolate. I love everything about this product from the luxurious packaging to the flavour (it tastes sweet and delicious). I love how it turns the milk purple when you add the hot chocolate in. You can also make it with water which doesn't make it so calorific.
So there are my January favourites which I would recommend to you. Have you tried any of these products? let me know in the comments below.
Bunny Hugs,


  1. I have recently started using an elf mascara and I love. Can't believe how long it has taken me to try elf.

    1. i'm looking forward to trying more Elf products. they are so affordable:)


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