5 Ways To Uplift Your Mood

Hi Everyone,

The UK is currently on lock down due to the corona virus pandemic.. The entire situation feels surreal, to me, but i'm glad that people are staying home and safe. I wanted to write a blog post to give you some ideas of what you can do if you are stuck at home and feeling sad. I struggle with anxiety so focusing on the things that I can do rather than on what I can't do helps me to cope.

1.Watch Videos
Why not watch your favourite films or videos and find out some new recommendations from friends, family or social media. I'm currently loving the release of Disney plus, I have added so many films to my watch list which will keep me entertained for many months. This is also a good time to catch up with my favourite influencers or discover new ones. I've made over 140 free videos to watch on my YouTube channel (click here to be redirected)
Meditation is excellent for calming the body and mind. Meditation is an excellent way of de-stressing, promotes emotional well being and improves concentration. I enjoy listening to guided meditations on YouTube by The Honest Guys and Lisa Beachy. I especially like the chakra balancing ones as they help me to ground my mind and body.
I love listening variety of music and finding new artists to listen to. If you download Spotify and go to the browse section they have every genre and mood playlist available for free. I've discovered some of my favourite bands from doing this. My personal current favourite playlist is #ThrowbackThursday. There are new themes every week. The theme today is ladies of the 2000's. if you are working from home or sat outside in the sunshine it's a excellent playlist to listen to. Click here to tune in.

4.Get in touch with your inner child
What did you used to do for fun as a kid? Why not get in touch with your inner child and do some fun activities. I used to spend hours creating chalk drawing masterpieces on the concrete patio in the garden, so I decided to give it ago again. I love playing around with colours and it makes the garden
so much more interesting. You could play hopscotch with the family.
5. Download Apps
Since my time in isolation I am discovering so many brilliant apps to use on your own and to connect with others. Next Neighbour allows you to create a private network for your neighbourhood and find out  the latest news and updates. HouseParty is a video chat app where you can have up to 8 people in a conversation call. Skype can have up to 50 people in a video call although it can be overwhelming when people are trying to talk all at once.

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