My Crystal Collection

Crystals are thought to improve the flow of positive energy and to help you get rid of any negative energy which builds up in the body and mind. I personally use them for emotional benefit and interior decoration. What I love about crystals is that they are rather similar to human beings because each piece is unique and beautiful in their own way. Nobody and no crystal is exactly same.
Ever since I was a teenager I've always had a keen interest in the spiritual and metaphysical side of life. I believe that everyone has a life purpose to achieve while they are here in their lifetime. I think the planet earth is rather similar to a school. We are here to learn life lessons for our soul to grow. 
I started collecting crystals back in 2005 when I was the age of 17.  I remember my first visit to a alternative shop in Nottingham called Ice Nine. I instantly fell in love with the smell of incense upon entering the store and I purchased my very first crystal which was a purple amethyst. 
After years of soul searching in my early to mid 20's I knew that I was an empath and that I needed some help with balancing my energy levels. I get drained quite quickly depending on the places I go and the people that I surround myself with. The solution that I found is to hold crystals or place them on your body during meditation. I think that gives you a tremendous amount of healing and positive interaction with the body. I believe that crystals help to cleanse away any negative energy cleansing my aura which alleviates stress.
One of my favourite hobbies is to go into a crystal shops or visit mind, body and spirit events and see what crystal I am drawn too. Each of my crystals has been a certain energy which I have needed at the time to help me with certain situations.
I look after my crystals by keeping them in a angel wing bowl and I charge them with positive energy by either placing them in direct sunlight or moonlight for 12 hours.
My collection includes purple agate, red jasper, yellow aventurine, green aventurine, amethyst, moonstone, rose quartz and many more.

To watch my full collection then watch my video below.
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  1. I used to love collecting these when I was younger. They are just so fascinating!

    Isobel x


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