Aldi Lacura Too Legit Waterproof Mascara

Hi everyone
During my weekly essential food supplies shop I picked up a Lacura Cheeky Cheeks Palette. But also I brought with my own money a Lacura Too Legit Water Proof Mascara to test and review.
This cruelty free mascara is a bargain at £5.99. The packaging looks modern and rather a similar dupe to Benefit's "they're real" mascara which unfortunately tests on animals. Primark also do a cruelty free version which is called P.S Wonderlash.
I'm really enjoying trying Aldi's make up products so far on my blog and YouTube channel. 
So first of all let's talk about the packaging. I love how it has customers feedback about how it lengths, volumizes and lifts lashes It doesn't look like it's a supermarket beauty product and it looks professional. Also the mascara itself is a gorgeous metallic blue. It's a great size to pop in your make up bag or on the go.
But how does the formula feel like and what does it look like applied onto your lashes? 
Well the formula feels very light weight on my lashes, it lifts, darkens and volumises. What the packaging says is what it does. I really like the mascara wand and how small bristles come out of the end of the wand so that when you apply your mascara holding the wand vertically then you can capture every single bottom lash.

I think that it makes my lashes look pretty. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.
But the main feature of this mascara is that it's waterproof. Does it really work? Can a £5.99 with stand the water splash test?
Watch my video below to find out below.
Bunny Hugs


  1. I didn't even know Aldi did makeup!! The packaging looks like a dupe for the Benefit they're Real mascara! Shame it didn't end up being too waterproof!

    Grace xx

    1. yeah :) they do make up and skincare products. definitely worth having a look at. thanks for stopping by grace!


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