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About Me

Hello everyone.
My name is Hayley (otherwise known as BunnyMoonstone). I'm a blogger and YouTuber from Nottingham. Subscribe to my channel today so you never miss an upload.
If you are into fluffy rabbits, cruelty free beauty, light hearted humour and adventures then you have come to the right place.
 How It All Began
In my last year studying Fashion Design at University in 2012 apart of my final major project was to document each weeks progress into an online blog. I received high marks and was commended for my communication and photography skills. After I graduated I decided to use this strength and start my own blog reflecting my own feelings, life and interests.
In July 2014 BunnyMoonstone was born. It started as a blog and then progressed into YouTube channel shortly afterwards. 
The first picture of me as BunnyMoonstone in July 2014.
This is an online space which I'm incredibly proud of. I enjoy growing and progressing with my YouTube channel and blog. It's a continuous learning cycle.
Over the years I have built up my audience which has lead me to collaborate with worldwide beauty brands, attended local blogger and PR events. I hope there is much more to come and to share with you in the future. If you would like to work with me then clichere.
 What Does BunnyMoonstone Mean?
First of all "Bunny" means that I am a Chinese zodiac sign of the rabbit. My personality type is  similar to the rabbits as i'm easy going, playful and sensitive. 
I've always had a love for bunnies ever since I was a little girl. As an adult I own a pet rabbit called Magic. She's a 5 year old dwarf lop rabbit. 
"Moonstone" is one of my favourite crystals and it means new beginnings, abundance, intuition and calm. Moonstone is a crystal to help someone understand themselves.
I am BunnyMoonstone. I am a Chinese sign of the rabbit who wants to create more abundance in my life, to be happy and share it with others.

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