Hi Bunnies.
I'm a bag fan of the company Bravissimo. I've brought Bravissimo's bras for past 5 years and the reason why is because the bras are stylish and comfortable. Bravissimo specialise in sizes D cup and above with a maximum back size of 40. In the year of 2009 when i discovered the company and i got my boobs measured. I found out that i was wearing the wrong bra size (two cup sizes too small!) and i didn't feel confident in clothes. However, since i have been wearing Bravissimo underwear i feel (and look) like a brighter, more confident woman.

I think it's very important to get your boobs properly measured because buying the wrong bra size can give you terrible back ache and it's not good for your boobs either (they don't like being squished!) . 

Because i'm now wearing the right bra size, i feel more confident in my body and also in clothes.

My personal experience with Bravissimo bras is that they usually last for around 2 years. I always take good care of my bras by hand washing them in cold water with a little bit of liquid soap. I think that if you want your bra to look after your boobs, then you have to look after your bra.

My current bras were looking quite worn out so i decided to pop in the store at Nottingham to treat myself.

All of the sales assistants are always friendly and keen to help to find your perfect fit and bra.

changing rooms! with a silk robe while you try the underwear on

I wanted to share with you my recent purchases from the latest spring collection :-

Lily Bra and brief pant (in Aqua) by Lepel.

Starry Eyed Bra and thong (in electric blue) by Bravissimo. 

Leave me a comment and let me know if you shop at Bravissimo too!

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