First London Visit.

Hi Bunnies!

On Wednesday 13th May 2015 i visited London for the very first time on my own. My goal was to film around London St Pancras train station and Oxford Street as much as possible :)

London is a absolutely massive city and i think that if you don't know where you are going then it's easy to get lost and confused.

After arriving at Oxford Street (using the underground with my new Oyster card!), i decided to stop for a coffee break at Costa first to calm my nerves. I then walked up and down Oxford street to get my bearings and i felt much more comfortable.

The shops i visited were BHS, Urban Outfitters, New Look, Lush, Disney and Subway for a sandwich stop.

Here are the photographs i took :-

New Look

I was quite surprised when i couldn't find the plus size section called "Inspire" in the store. The directions said clearly on the second floor but i couldn't see any clothes anywhere.

Comment below if i'm wrong.


I don't usually shop in Topshop because i'm a plus sized curvy goddess and they don't make clothes to fit that type of woman. However, i do browse for accessories and make up. The mannequins looked so life like (nearly Madam Tussauds standard. Impressive!)

Disney Store

If you don't know that i'm a Disney fan by now then, where have you been?.The Disney store is my favourite shop of all time. The Oxford Street store has so many gorgeous statues and details. I thought the Cinderella display was breath taking.
I've been invited...offically!
Selfie with my second favourite princess (Ariel is number 1)

This store is why i wanted to go to London so much in the first place. I saw the new Lush store advertised on twitter a few weeks ago (hashtag #lushoxfordstreet).

The Oxford street store is 3 levels full of Lush goodies and it reminds me of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (but for bath bombs!).

On the bottom floor is a spa, ground floor is for hair/skin products and the top floor (which is the best floor) is for bath bombs.

I love the sinks how they are full of bathbombs for demonstration the colours are beautiful (and Instagram worthy! click HERE to go to my Instagram) 

I purchased 3 bath bombs which were Honey Bee, The Experimenter and Frozen (the last two you can only buy exclusively from the Oxford Street store!) I will write a review in a separate blog post. 

Coming soon!

(I don't know how i only brought 3, i must have good self restraint)
Bunny Hugs,




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