Lush (Oxford Street Exclusive) Bath Bombs. Review

Hi Bunnies!
In my last blog post i told you that i visited London for the very first time. I promised that i would review the 3 bath bombs from the Lush store at Oxford Street which i brought. Here it is! :)

The Oxford Street exclusive bath bombs were the "Experimenter" and "Frozen".

I also decide to try the "Honey Bee" which is not a exclusive but it got recommended me by a member of staff.

Here are my views on each bath bomb...

The Experimenter

The experimenter is the most visually exciting as it has many bright colours and glittery parts which smells of warm cinnamon (delicious!).

When i placed the bath bomb into the bath water, a mesmerising display of multi coloured layers spin, fizz and dissolve in your bath tub right in front of your eyes. It's mesmerising to watch.
When the water settles a disappointing black with a pink undertones is left for your body to soak in. The huge amount of glitter was off putting for me. I wasn't a fan of this result at all.

After emptying the water i had to clean the bath out with a liquid soap and scrub with a brush to remove the glitter. This is something which i don't particularly find relaxing after a bath or what i want to be doing.

I had so much sparkle on my skin i thought to myself "this is how it feels to be Bella Swan from the film Twilight"

The smell was good but it didn't last long as i had to have a shower straight afterwards to wash all of glitter off.


Frozen was my favourite bath bomb out of the three that i brought. I love when the bath bomb instantly touches the water it spins and fizzes a cold baby blue and ice white colourings with a hint of shimmer. This bath bomb reveals a Arctic paradise when your bath water settles.

My Instagram was going crazy from this picture (click here to view)

Honey Bee 
A mixture of honey, aloe vera and rhassoul mud to soften the skin. It's good for your body as it's very cleansing and soothing however, my hair didn't approve so my advice would be to tie it up out of the way when soaking in this bath bomb.

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried any of these bath bombs.

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