Eat Natural Granola Goodies And A Flapjack Tutorial

Hi Bunnies.
In my spare time i like to enter competitions and recently i won 2 boxes of Eat Natural "Super Granola" Yippee!
I won a gluten free granola which contains buckwheat, seeds and honey and also a protein packed granola with almonds, seeds and honey.
Have you tried any of the Eat Natural products? Let me know in the comments below :)
I wanted to get creative with the granola rather than just eating it for breakfast, so i decided that i was going to make flapjack. 
Comment down below if you're interested in another blog post about the gluten free granola and i could turn that into flapjack too. Let me know :) 
So my version baking consists of throwing everything in a bowl, stirring it all together, whacking it in the oven and somehow ( don't ask me how ) beautiful delicious treats are made. 
I am not a fan of measuring, just guessing with my eyes.
First of all i threw half a packet of porridge oats into a bowl with some left over sultanas and the WHOLE packet of protein packed granola (go hard or go home... right?)
I added half a packet of butter with left over golden syrup and honey into a separate microwavable bowl. The syrup and honey has to be able to cover the mixture completely because you don't want dry flapjack (that's my version of measurements).

Then i microwaved the butter, golden syrup and honey for about 30 seconds until it's melted all together. 

Warning: you will be tempted to lick the bowl.
Once you have poured this into your bowl with the dry ingredients then the flap jack will have the colour, taste and stickiness that it takes to be flapjack. Delicious!
The consistency is quite crumbly so far so to make the flapjack stick together i added 2 medium sized eggs.
Now that looks so much better!
Now it's time to grab a tray and  spoon your mixture into it.

To make your flapjack mixture look neater in the tray, i use the back of a clean table spoon and press until around the mixture until it's flat.
Yay it's acceptable!

Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes (or until it goes golden brown)

TA-DA! flap jack goodness.
Bunny Hugs,




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