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Remington PROtect Hair Straightener Review

Hi Bunnies. The first impressions of the packaging is that it's exactly the same as the hair dryer. It's full of informative and beneficial facts to the hair. The straightener is light weight and feels nice to hold.I love the leather pouch which doubles up as a heat protection mat. This is the same colour as the straighteners and it looks sophisticated. If this was available as purse i would definitely use this for a girls night out. My personal favourite feature of the straighteners is the hydra care button as this activates the innovative mist. This is what causes less damage to the hair as it's a combination of heat and water.  What i noticed instantly while i was straightening each section is that it gives such a nice shine to my hair.  What do you guys think? Leave me a comment below :) Tonight at 7pm on my main channel (link in bio). I review @remingtonuk's PROtect hair straighteners. They make my hair super shiny with less heat damage 💁🏻#

Remington PROtect Hair Dryer Review

Hi Bunnies. First of all i wanted to share my thoughts with you on the PROtect hair dryer. I've now been using the stylers for a week now so i feel comfortable with using them and also talking about them. If you would like to ask any questions. I'll do my best to answer them in the comments :) Tomorrow i am uploading a video and blogging about the straighteners at 7pm. So stay tuned for that :) I'm a fan of the brand Remington and i have brought hair care products before from them. I've never had any problems. The products have always lasted me a fair amount of years so i know what ever i use is good quality and durable. The first impressions of the packaging is that it's very clear and informative. I love how all over the box is facts and benefits which this hair dryer has to your hair. The PROtect styling tools produce amazing smooth results but with less damage to the hair. Because my hair is long and dry this really appeals to me. I couldn't wait to

Remington Switch And PROtect Challenge. Week 1.

Hi Bunnies. I recently applied to be a Remington blogger to take part in the #SwitchAndPROtectChallenge. This is for a total of 4 weeks. I have to switch my regular hair dryer and straighteners for Remington PROtect stylers. I am excited to document my results and share my thoughts with you.  The main selling point with these particular stylers is that they create amazing results but they require less heat. This causes less damage to the hair which is music to my ears as i suffer with dry hair. I will write another blog post soon about the unboxing and my first impressions of the PROtect stylers. Stay tuned! :)  Over the next 4 weeks while i trial and test these products. In return i am lucky enough to to keep these stylers.  Thank you Remington. This is what my hair looked like before i started the challenge. Once a week i will be posting a blog to update you with my progress and results.  Keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter too :) After using the

Sparkler Fun

Hi Bunnies. When i was at college studying A-level photography back in 2006 one of my favourite projects was learning how to light paint. If you don't know what light painting is, it's taking a picture with a camera on a slow shutter speed and wave lights around to create drawings and wonderful effects. Zoella's recent blog post on light drawing and playing around with sparklers brought back these fun memories and inspired me to have a go myself. I don't have a fancy SLR camera (yet!) but i do have a Panasonic Lumix compact camera with a setting which adjusts the shutter speed to about 2 seconds. It's amazing what compact cameras can do. I have had my camera for over a year and only realised that i can do this. Please learn from my mistake and check your settings with what you can do with your equipment because i thought that i was restricted. When i was creating my pictures i felt like i was a ninja because i had to draw the shapes that i wanted really f