Remington PROtect Hair Straightener Review

Hi Bunnies.
The first impressions of the packaging is that it's exactly the same as the hair dryer. It's full of informative and beneficial facts to the hair. The straightener is light weight and feels nice to hold.I love the leather pouch which doubles up as a heat protection mat. This is the same colour as the straighteners and it looks sophisticated. If this was available as purse i would definitely use this for a girls night out.
My personal favourite feature of the straighteners is the hydra care button as this activates the innovative mist. This is what causes less damage to the hair as it's a combination of heat and water. 

What i noticed instantly while i was straightening each section is that it gives such a nice shine to my hair. 

What do you guys think? Leave me a comment below :)

I'm currently using the optional hydra care button all the time while i straighten my hair as i want as less damage to my hair while heated. The straightener still gives a healthy look to the hair even if you do not want to use this feature as the ceramic plates are infused with contain keratin and argon oils.
Watch my review video here :-
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  1. I am absolutely in love with this straightened! I was looking for a professional flat iron that would work on curly hair without burning it off! This iron worked after the first time through my hair and left it with a softness and shine I have never got straightened before! Very pleased with this iron!

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