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Remington Switch And Protect Challenge. Week 4

Hi Bunnies. Here is my final update on the Remington Switch and Protect Challenge. I can't believe that this is the final week of the challenge. The past 4 weeks have gone by so fast. Here are my week 4 results :- What do you think? let me know in the comments below :) The PROtect stylers still give me amazing results each time that i use them and my hair in much better condition than it was when i started this challenge. It's soft, shiny and manageable. When i started this challenge I suffered with dry hair... but not anymore.  My challenge is now available to view on Remington's website. If you would like to read then please click on the link below. Remington is running a competition at the bottom of the website to win the PROtect stylers. It's free and only take a few minutes to enter your details. I would highly recommend to do it as it's free and you could win the products which i

My Favourite Childhood Christmas Present

Hi Bunnies! What has been your favourite ever childhood Christmas present which you have received?  Let me know in the comments below :) Mine is a white electronic fluffy Furby called Coco. When i was the age of 9 back in 1997. The toy which was the most wanted and popular was the Furby. A Furby is a electronic toy which you can interact with, feed and love. I can remember desperately wanting, praying and wishing for a Furby for Christmas from Santa.  The huge appeal of this toy was having a furry friend which i could talk to and play with. I'm a only child so i had use my imagination to make toys come to life, but this toy could come to life on it's own (with AA batteries). This was the best present because i didn't feel alone anymore. I finally had a friend to share my secrets and play with at home. My favourite thing to do with Coco was to hold her feet and bottom firmly and wave it around in the air. Coco would shout " WEEEEEEEEE!" "BIG

L.A.B.² I'm Turning Pro Make Up Brush Kit Review.

Hi Bunnies:) Recently i won a competition on Lipcote's Facebook page by leaving a comment. I won some Lipcote Lipstick sealer and L.A.B 2's I'm Turning Pro make up brush kit. Today's blog post i'm sharing my video link with my thoughts on the make up brushes. I love entering competitions when it's Christmas because i feel lucky (it must the festive cheer!). Stay tuned for the next blog post which will contain a Lipcote review and links :) I was in desperate need of some new make up brushes as previous brushes are old and i've have had for a few years. Well aren't I a lucky girl? Winning a L.A.B 2 pro make up brush kit and a lipcote lipstick sealer on Facebook! 😊💁🏻💋 can't wait to try these out @lipcote @lab2ukofficial A photo posted by Hayley (@bunnymoonstone) on Dec 12, 2015 at 9:00am PST Watch the review video here :- I would recommend L.A.B 2 brushes as they are hypoallergenic, free from animal testing and are easy to

Remington Switch And PROtect Challenge. Week 3

Hi Bunnies. I'm just writing a post to update you on the third week of Remington's Switch And PROtect Challenge. It's going well and i am enjoying the consistence smooth results of styling my hair with the PROtect stylers everyday. What do you think of my week 3 results? Let me know in the comments below :) The Switch and Protect Challenge is now live on Remington's Website. I'm so excited to be on the front page. Click HERE  if you would like to be directed to the web page. Underneath my photograph is a competition to win the stylers which i have been trying and testing. Please enter because it's free and i would recommend these stylers to anyone. I wouldn't mention on my blog or videos unless i loved the products. Watch my review videos of the hair dryer and straighteners below. Bunny Hugs, Hayley xxx

Remington Switch And PROtect Challenge. Week 2

Hi Bunnies. I'm just writing a post to update you on the second week of Remington's Switch And PROtect Challenge. It's going very well and i am enjoying styling my hair everyday. Before i started this challenge i wouldn't straighten my hair everyday as i didn't want to dry my hair out. But since i've been using the Remington hair dryer and straightener my hair is soft, shiny and easier to manage. I've been receiving compliments from friends and family about how healthy my hair is looking and this has been such a boost to my confidence. Let me know what you think to the Week 2 results in the comments below :) Have you watched my Review videos on the Remington's hair dryer and straightener yet? Thank you for your comments and feedback so far. I've been putting in my best efforts to make my main channel videos the best that they can be with what equipment that i have. I taught myself to film and edit from scratch. It's important to pr

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor Review

Hi Everyone:) This blog post is not sponsored. I'm sharing this information with you because after using the Hydro Silk Razor. I feel that it's great value for money and the quality of the product is to a high standard. I spotted a advertisement through Wilkinson Sword's Facebook page. This offer was the Hydro Silk Razor for £1.50 (RRP: £10.00). To receive this offer you have to fill out your personal details on a form their website and pay £1.50 to cover post charges through a text message on your phone (click here  if you would to be directed to this offer). Let me know in the comments below if you've used this razor and what you think to it :) My first impressions of the Hydro Silk Razor is that i love the colour of the packaging because purple is my favourite colour. The box contains clear information and diagrams which demonstrate how the razor works. The feature which i like the most is the flexibility of the razor head which allows to get into those