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Hello 2016

Hello Bunnies :) I've been waiting for 2016 for a long time. I'm glad that it's here as i am ready to embrace what ever is next in my life.  Here are my new years resolutions.... 1. Stop picking at my nails  I never bite my nails, i just pick at them with out even realising that i am doing it. It's a anxiety problem since i've had when i was little and i can't seem to get rid of it. (Suggestions - welcome!) I've managed to grow my nails a few times in 2015 by gluing false nails over the top of my real ones. However as soon as the false nails are removed.. i pick at them again. POOO! :( This hurts my fingers and i don't know why i am harming myself this way. When i'm financially stable i'll save up for hypnotherapy and vlog the experience. (Ohh check me out :) I'm becoming a better YouTuber already as i am thinking about video ideas which could happen in the future) 2. Interact with new people  I don't usually comment very often o