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Hayley's Top 3 Tips To Help Your Creativity

Hi Bunnies. Creativity to me is all about self expression. I use my creativity to express my feelings and emotions as i am a sensitive person. When i am creating something, i channel all of my energy into it. This gives my busy mind something to focus on and temporarily it goes unusually quiet. I've always been creative ever since i was a child and i think it's because i've always found the world a overwhelming place and creativity allows me to express how i feel towards it. My mind is scattered and i get the best ideas at the most inconvenient of times (thanks brain!) whether it's 3am and i can't sleep or when i'm in the bath/shower. However i've learnt to accept my creative mind exactly how it is and adapt to how it works. I encourage you who ever is reading this to do this as well. It's no good to compare yourself to other artists. Everybody works different and personally i just have to wait until the creativity wave hits me right in the face. So

Collection - Primed And Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser Primer Review

Hi Bunnies! I have oily to combination skin. My skin blemishes very easily but i've been told that oily skin is the best for aging. So hopefully when i am in my 80s i'll look in my 40s. Hooray! My first impressions of the primer is that it's a fantastic size. It's a good size for travel and easy to carry in your bag or purse. The design is modern looking and appealing. The price is currently £3.99 which makes this primer very affordable. It's a thumbs up so far! :)   So let's swatch this primer on the back of my hand for you to see :) The primer is a transparent gel which feels silky smooth and has no odour. It's now time to put the primer on my face to show if this product works. Here is my skin before applying the primer and my regular foundation.  I have a few acne scars from my teenage years and hormonal blemishes. While applying i notice how smooth the primer feels on my face. After i have applied the primer, i notice th

The Violinist in Nottingham

Hi Bunnies. There was a violinist who performed on the streets of Nottingham on Monday, outside of Broadmarsh shopping centre. This was when i was buying products from Boots and i filmed a beauty haul on my main channel Watch the video below :) I feel that being in the presence of the violinist was a life changing moment. Let me know in the comments below your "wow" moments and experiences. I sat down to have a drink of water on a street bench because I was thirsty from shopping around the city centre. The man who sat next to me was wearing jogging bottoms and a sweat shirt with a coat. He was a average sort of man and a little scruffy. He had a violin in his hands and put out the instruments case on the pavement  to collect money from the public. He started to play his violin and bautiful music came out of the instrument. "Never judge a book by it's cover" i immediately thought. Members of the public walked past him and most people ignored him.