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Cruelty Free Beauty

Hi Bunnies:) Over the time that i have been on YouTube i have made small improvements to myself and my channel which has lead to increased confidence and creativity. Small steps lead to big changes and every few months i ask myself the question of who i want to be in the future. Who do you want to be? The answer is i want to go for the cruelty free beauty option. I want to be more aware of what i buy. This all started when i was internet browsing at 2am a few nights ago (in typical Hayley fashion!) I came across a Pinterest post about which beauty brands still currently test on animals. I was shocked and disgusted that most of these brands were still in my make up drawers. Me and Magic. November 2014 I have a rabbit called Magic. If you have been following me since the beginning then you will know that she is my pride and joy. She has been the main reason why i have made this decision. All animals should not be tested on for the beauty industry. I think just because it

Trying On Spring &Summer Clothes 2016

Hi Bunnies:) I thought that it would be fun for this weeks video to try on clothes in various clothes shops. I'm 5ft 9 and a size 18 on the top and bottom.  I think it's great to show what clothes like on a real person rather than a professional model or in a glamorous photo shoot. The place where everyone tries on clothes at a shop is a changing room, so it seemed logical for me to take photographs and to film in there! :) In today's blog and video i visited ASDA (George), New Look (Curves) and H&M. ASDA Remember that clothes look completely different on your body. Don't judge a garment by what it looks like on the coat hanger. H&M Keep an open mind because something which looks unflattering on a coat hanger could look fantastic on you. I don't normally go in H&M because the sizes don't usually fit me (they only go up to a 16). But i found 2 items which did fit and they look great. It's just a matter of shopping around.