Hi everyone.

I saw the hashtag #TodayImGrateful on Twitter and I wanted to write a blog post saying what I'm grateful for. Twitter can only fit 140 characters in one tweet and this is not enough space. I thought i would write a blog post instead.

I believe in having a attitude of gratitude. I think it's important to be grateful for everything that you have in life because someone would love to have what you have.

Today I'm grateful for.....

My home
I am grateful that I have a house to live in. I am blessed to have my own room and a place to sleep peacefully. I am protected and safe.

My family
I have a mum and dad who are alive and healthy who love me unconditionally. If it wasn't for my parents then I wouldn't exist. I'm grateful to have Magic in my life. She's my pet rabbit and my best friend.

I have food in my belly right now and food in the house.

Clean fresh drinking water is available from the taps to drink. I am able to wash my body by having a shower and bath. I can wash my clothes in a washing machine.

Because of electricity i can keep warm, have a shower, charge my laptop, phone and other gadgets.

I'm grateful for my friends who support me and love me. The friends who make the effort to see me on a regular basis. The friends who ask how I am doing and care about the response. The friends who phone me up for no particular reason just to talk about life. The friends who are supporting my YouTube channel and blog who tell me that I am doing a great job (I need to hear that I am doing a great job otherwise I will curl up into a ball, hibernate and not be very functional - so thank you!)

The Internet
I wouldn't have met half of my friends if it wasn't for the internet. I wouldn't be uploading videos to YouTube or writing this blog post. I wouldn't be able to look at cute pictures of rabbits or Maltipoo dogs on Instagram on a daily basis. The internet brings great joy to my life.

I'm grateful to my ex-boyfriends and the relationships which didn't work out for whatever reason at the time. I am single and able to find the right partner who gives me the love which I deserve and desire.

The Past
I'm grateful to the roller coaster which is my past because without everything which has happened to me and the people who I have met. I wouldn't be the person who I am today.

The Present
Right here in this moment, i am in charge of my own life. I am taking steps every day towards my goals and dreams. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to go for what I want right now.

The Future
I'm very grateful that I have a future in front of me and i will use my time here on earth to make a difference in some way. I'm looking forward to the future to achieve my goals and to live each day to the maximum.

What are you grateful for?

Let me know in the comments below.

Bunny Hugs,




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