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Goodbye 2016

Here is my reflection video of this year. 2016 has been a hard year and i feel that difficulty in life can make you stronger. I'm not going to quit my dreams because it takes time to accomplish them. The time will pass and i will get there sooner than i think. I have learnt this year to appreciate everything good in my life and to be grateful no matter what.  Every now and then it's good t o stop climbing and appreciate the view from where you are. So let's celebrate and have a better, happier and successful 2017. I'll drink to that... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL 💖 Bunny Hugs, Hayley xxx

It's OK To Turn Off The News

2016 has been a year with many creative souls leaving this earth such as David Bowie, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Alan Rickman, Joe Alaskey, Prince and Christina Grimmie. When we hear the sad news of someone passing away from this world and starting a new life in another (i believe in the afterlife). We mourn for them and reflect on the amazing impact that they had in their lifetime. I'm a highly sensitive person and the news can be overwhelming for me to handle sometimes. I want you to know that it's OK to turn off the news or have a social media detox. This does not mean that you are being selfish or acting like you don't care. Looking after yourself shows that you do care by putting yourself first. It's time like this that we all need each other more. We are all balls of light in this dark world and...... 💡💡YOUR LIGHT MATTERS💡💡 I'm sending everyone a hug who needs one right now. Bunny Hugs, Hayley Xxx

Why I'm Not Making Any New Years Resolutions For 2017

Because of the enormous amount of.... PRESSURE I put a large amount of pressure on myself every year to achieve the goals which I have for the next year. I am  hard on myself if I don't achieve them. It's that time of year when the online community are starting to share New Years resolution blogs, videos or posts on social media. This gives yourself pressure. I think that you should do what makes you happy as long as your not hurting anyone. Concentrate on your own needs and goals at your own pace. I'm motivated to start now and here are a few things which I am doing as from today. Be more active on social media I started my YouTube channel and blog in 2014 with the idea of making new friends and meeting like-minded people. Rather than just reading and absorbing information by scrolling through my Twitter newsfeed, Facebook or YouTube . This New Year, I will be commenting, tweeting and replying to fellow creators and inspirers with the hope of attracting mor

Missing You At Christmas

Tonight I've lit a candle to represent all of the loved ones and family members who aren't with us anymore to celebrate Christmas tomorrow. I just wanted to write this small post and let you know that it's OK to be sad and have a good cry if you need it. Try to concerntrate on the people who bring joy to your life and the good things. Bunny Hugs, Hayley xxx

Waitrose Hydration Range - Shea Butter Allergy

Hi everyone I decided to go cruelty-free with my beauty products in April this year and I have been researching and finding alternatives which I can use. I love sharing with you, my best buys and bargains. Waitrose own brand of skincare products are cruelty-free, vegan and leaping bunny logo certified and this makes me incredibly happy. I had been wanting to try and review the Waitrose Pure Hydration range for a long time. The Hydration range says it's suitable for sensitive skin and fragrance-free which is what I require for my skin. Last night I applied the Hydration Face Mask (£2) all over my face and within minutes my face felt like it was burning. I washed the facemask immediately off and my face was bright red. I was in shock that I was having an allergic reaction to a product which was supposed to be for sensitive skin.  The main ingredient used in the Hydration range is  Shea Butter. I have identitfied this as one of my allergy triggers and i wi

5 Top Legitimate Websites That Offer Free Stuff

Hi everyone Everybody loves freebies and most will agree with the fact that saving money is an extremely good virtue. However, being able to take advantage of free stuff is that much more gratifying. There are various places that you can take advantage of brand-name products on a regular basis for fee. Some of these businesses include Sainsburys that often give away samples that are free. Just a quick search when on the Internet will pull up an extensive range of freebie and samples for free. Unfortunately not all the freebie websites have been created in the same way and in fact many of them are pretty useless. These sites often bombard your email inbox with so much mail everyday which causes you to keep reading and clicking in the false hope of getting free items that may be of use to you. Below is a list of 5 top websites that actually give free items that you may use or need. 1.BzzAgent This website is associated with product testing which offers the opportunity

Katjes Magic Candy Factory Comes To Nottingham

Hi Bunnies! On Friday 25th November I was invited to come and have a look at Katjes Magic Candy pop up shop in Victoria Centre, Nottingham. Katjes Magic Candy store was located at the back of Victoria Centre opposite HMV. Katjes Magic Candy Factory has the worlds first 3D candy printer and it allows you print your own customised gummy design. This is created by a tablet device which connects to the printer. You can choose from a large variety of designs, shapes and text. The tablet also allows you to be able to print your own photograph or selfie. I decided to get my brand name "BunnyMoonstone" printed with my horoscope (Aquarius) symbol underneath. The 3D candy printer also contains a little camera on the top right-hand corner which records a time lapse of your design being printed. This will be sent to you in an email which you can access to through a web link. The customised printed candy is retailed at £10 which I think is a fair price as it's a customis