Katjes Magic Candy Factory Comes To Nottingham

Hi Bunnies!
On Friday 25th November I was invited to come and have a look at Katjes Magic Candy pop up shop in Victoria Centre, Nottingham.
Katjes Magic Candy store was located at the back of Victoria Centre opposite HMV.
Katjes Magic Candy Factory has the worlds first 3D candy printer and it allows you print your own customised gummy design. This is created by a tablet device which connects to the printer. You can choose from a large variety of designs, shapes and text. The tablet also allows you to be able to print your own photograph or selfie.
I decided to get my brand name "BunnyMoonstone" printed with my horoscope (Aquarius) symbol underneath. The 3D candy printer also contains a little camera on the top right-hand corner which records a time lapse of your design being printed. This will be sent to you in an email which you can access to through a web link.
The customised printed candy is retailed at £10 which I think is a fair price as it's a customised service and the packaging which it comes in is beautifully presented.
The magic mix and make was on the opposite side of the shop from the printers. This is were you could pick and choose your own sweets in a personalised box, jar or in a christmas bauble. Prices were from £6. The candy is vegetarian, vegan,  gluten free and gmo free (depending on what you choose). The coloured labels on each dispenser tells you what dietry requirements is in a particular candy.
After i visted Katjes Magical Candy Factory then i looked and filmed around Nottingham's Winter Wonderland.
Watch the vlog below :)


Bunny Hugs,




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