White Post Farm

On Tuesday 14th March. Me and my friend Sarah took a trip to White Post Farm to feed the animals, film and take photographs.
White Post Farm holds many wonderful childhood memories for me as I visited with playgroup and primary school. I remember feeding baby lambs when i was 5 years old and trying to keep the bottle still with my hands while the lamb suckled at the teet with a great force which nearly knocked me over.
Since my last visit to White Post Farm they have added new features such as Goat Mountain, Meerkats and the walk-in  aviary.
Silver Barn and Incubator room is my favourite section as you can see a chicks hatching out from their eggs and see the development in how they grow from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. I'm also a huge fan of handling small and fluffy creatures so when a baby chick was offered to hold. I could not refuse.
If animal holding isn't for you then you can always see the cows, llamas, goats, sheep, pigs and chickens outside in the animal paddocks area. I would definately recommend to buy animal feed from the entrance and shop for £1 a bag because the animals really enjoy being fed and it adds to the experience of your day.
There are plenty of hand wash stations around the farm so always remember to wash your hands after stroking and feeding every animal.
I like White Post Farm because they take very good care of their animals and the staff are friendly too.
Watch the video below :)
if you visit. Please let me know in the comments below what your favourite part was. Mine is the go carts. It's fun to have a race with friends.
Bunny Hugs,


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