5 Problems With Social Media

Hi everyone.
I'm currently having a break from uploading YouTube videos while I wait for a creative wave of inspiration to hit me. I only like to put out content on my YouTube channel and blog which I feel good about posting.
I've been thinking and reflecting about social media. I wanted to share 5 problems which I currently have with social media.
Let's begin with....
1. Life Isn't What It Appears To Be
People might look like they are having a better life than you on their social media channels. But this is not true.
We are all human and we all have problems which we struggle with. No matter how someone's life looks on social media behind the computer screen it could be a different story. Never judge a book by it's cover. I never want to be dishonest and tell you that my life is perfect. It's not true. I have good and bad days like everyone else.
2. Lack Of Patience
Social media doesn't teach us patience because it shows us instant news and results. The truth is that it takes time to focus on your goals in life and to work towards them.
When I first joined YouTube back in 2014 I was naive in thinking that it was so easy to make this hobby into a part of my career because it looked like it would bring instant results. I was wrong.
I've learnt that you have to have patience and persistence to make your dreams a reality. I work at my goals a bit each day and it's important to appreciate the small steps and milestones. When I look at successful people I see how hard they have worked for that success and it inspires me to keep going and not to give up just yet.
3. Oversharing
It's getting more common to share our life on the internet. But how much is too much? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
I think it’s great to share experiences because it creates a connection between people.
I've personally found it really helpful when people make videos talking about life experiences they have been through especially If I'm going through the same thing because I feel comforted and less alone.
Be responsible about who you share with and what you share. The internet as a giant space where people of all sorts roam. If this space was a real place, would you trust everyone with all your secrets and personal information? I wouldn't. 
Don't feel pressured to say what everyone else is sharing. It's important that you are aware of what you put out there. Do what feels right for you. That's what i do :)
4. Social Isolation
Social media sites help us to feel connected worldwide. But actually, it makes me feel very disconnected sometimes. Take a look around you when you are in a public place. Most likely, the majority of people you see are bent forwards towards the glow of their phones. I think it's important to learn how to deal with free time without staring at a screen. With less screen time, you will have more opportunity to learn how to relax, enjoy leisure time and communicate with people.
When I have been stuck to a phone, tablet or computer screen for too long. I've experienced feelings of loneliness when i've turned a device off. It's important to have breaks and to phone a friend or hang out with someone.
I joined a social group in January to make new friends. Social groups are great as noone hardly has their phone out and everyone wants to chat and get to know eachother. It's very refreshing and I plan to to go to more meets up this year.
I've also been really enjoying talking to and spending time with the blogging community and attending events. I've been to quite a few this year. Snizl4Notts, Chino Latino, Bloggers Brunch, Nottingham Fashion Week and Intu Victoria Spring/Summer style event.

5. Bullying
Bullying is one of the most serious problems with social media. When someone uses social blogs or virtually any space for hurtful speech or hate it causes a damaging effect. Bullys do not seem to realise that there is a person behind a screen. Anything which you say or put out on the internet has a effect.
What do you think the problems are with social media? Let me know in the comments below.

Bunny Hugs,


  1. Your blog post is perfect i feel that social media needs a wakeup call specially facebook its not space anymore. Facebook advert your account and suggests people when you dont want to see them or have a person looking at your account, it pushes media news and other activities that you do not want to see social media like this does not give you the opportunity to breathe and it does create a generic computer within the person as Time Goes On. Bullying on social media is wrong people believe because they are behind the computer screen they can say and do whatever they want to if the bullys look at them self they will release there action will come back to them its not about karma its there lesson i believe people do share too much on social media over all and its not safe. Yes there are the postive blessing very informative and educational but if you're not looking for those, information which is enhancing yourself then the other side breaks you down. You taking a break too get your creative side to the place you wanted is amazing because you know where you want to go plus it gives you more time to evolve as a person. For example look at this amazing blog you've just written. I believe this will be your future but I understand you need to take some time out. Have an amazing day bunny Moonstone


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