Girl Power Networking Pop-Up & T-Shirt Launch

Hi everyone:)
Thrift Generation would like to invite you to their Girl Power Networking Pop-Up & T-Shirt Launch  on the 22nd April 3pm-6pm in Nottingham. This a FREE event and the point of this is to support women and girls too, whether in business or in general. It's a great opportunity to network. I shall be attending the event and filming for my YouTube channel. Please come and say Hello!
More information can be found on the events Facebook page below.
Madi Wallner is the founder of the label Thrift Generation is currently preparing a launch to promote the first line of T-shirts with a Girl Power theme. I am excited as I am a plus size woman who thinks that it's important to celebrate all different shapes and sizes.
Madi's collection is inspired by the world wide famous Playboy bunny icon. She is reclaiming this icon and using it in a different way which is not to judge on image or the body alone.
We are more than just a body and a pretty face. It’s our minds and how we use them and it’s the actions and words we use and what we speak out for
Thrift Generation currently selling here:

Thrift Generation's social media 

I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Bunny Hugs,



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