When Life Doesn't Turn Out How You Expect

Hi, everyone.

This afternoon I had a little browse around my local town and had a look inside some charity shops. I enjoy shopping at charity shops because who knows what bargains you might find and the money is going towards a great cause.

A hanging wall plaque caught my eye on one of the shelves which said
This sign made me deeply reflect on my life and where i am now at 29 years old and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.
Me aged 16 at prom 2004
When I was 16 and leaving school I thought that I would have everything figured out by my late 20s.
Well here i am and I don't have any figured out. Haha. I'm laughing because it feels amazing to admit it.
Every goal is still achieveable which I have in my mind but I do get very frustrated about where I want to be. I have to remind myself that achieving goals and reaching mile stones takes hardwork and time.
I think it's fascinating how much expectation society puts on us and also the pressure that we put on ourselves.
It's OK not to have your life figured out. I think that a lot of people feel that way but they don't admit it on social media. Perhaps they are scared of looking weak or vulnerable. I'm strong and proud to say it.
Perhaps everything in my life which has happened to me is to help someone who is reading this blog post to know that they aren't alone.
It's important that you aren't hard on yourself and that we all should enjoy the flow of life for what it is. We can't control of what happens to us but we can control only how we react and respond to it.
Social media can make us question what we are doing with our life as we are provided with instant access to what's going on with everyone elses life and it may seem everyone is having a better time than you are. This is not always the case.
I think that social media is similar to a showreel because it highlights all of the best parts of yourself and life (depending on what you decide to share of course).
I used to wonder if I had gone wrong in my life somewhere and ask questions like "Should I of stayed in that relationship with that ex boyfriend?" "Should I tried harder at University?" "Would my life of been any better?"
Well I don't honestly know but all i do know is that I have always done my best and listened to my heart in whatever situation i've found myself in. No point worrying and wondering about "what if". I'm excited about the future and what's ahead.
So perhaps my life hasn't turned out the way that i expected but perhaps it's because something fantastic is on the way.

Bunny Hugs,


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