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Sainsburys 4 Round Foundation Sponges Review

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with a latex allergy back in the year of 2014 and ever since I have had to purchase latex free alternatives. I find it difficult to find and buy make up sponges which are latex free. However recently I have found  Sainsburys 4 Round Foundation Sponges which are £1.50 for a pack. They are latex free and great value for money.  The sponges can be used to blend foundation, concealer and dry powder to give a flawless finish. Directions of use is to dampen the sponge before use. Either apply foundation to the sponge and then onto the face or foundation onto your face and blend outwards. First I apply NYX Photo-Loving Primer all over my face. I then soak one sponge in cool water and gently squeeze off any excess. I apply Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Foundation directly to my face and then with the sponge I blend the foundation outwards.  I'm impressed with the result with using the sponges as my foundation looks smoother.  I would recommend the

Supplies For My Pet Rabbit

Hi everyone. I wanted to write a supply list on my blog of all the brand names and links to help rabbit owners or people who are thinking about purchasing a pet rabbit. I personally love watching videos and reading blogs like this because it has really helped me giving my rabbit what it needs. All animals deserve to have the best life as possible. Here is a list of the supplies which I have brought for Magic:- Burgess Excel Rabbit Nuggets with mint Wilko Wood Shavings Wilko Meadow Hay Wilko Small Animal Claw Trimmers  Pound Stretcher Cat Tunnel  Fly Strike Protector Small Animals  Clean 'n' Safe Disinfectant Spray for Small Animals Wilko  Classic Crystal Bunny Bottle Delux x2 (I own 2 because the hutch is 2 tiered. One for the top and then another for the bottom) Towels Lint Roller Travel Cage Snuggle Safe Toys Cardboard Boxes Cardboard Toilet Tubes Furminator Small Animal Soft Pin Slicker Brush Two Tiered Hutch Outdoor Run Vegetables Treats (Magic

Lush Bloggers Event Nottingham

When I recieved a invitation through my email inbox from Lush PR asking if I would like to attend Nottingham ’s bloggers event on the 12th May. I graciously and excitedly accepted as I have always been a big fan of Lush products. Lush on Clumber Street is on one of the most busiest streets in Nottingham. I completely avoid weekend visits to the store because it’s so busy. My inner introvert hates it when shops are so full of people that you can’t physically move around. I like to be able to shop at my own leisure and with space.  Nottingham's local bloggers and vloggers were greeted by the friendly and welcoming Lush staff. Sparkling summer fruit pitchers and doughnuts from Doughnotts were on offer as refreshments throughout the evening. Yum :) It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to fully browse around the Lush store. I enjoyed having one to one consultations with the staff as I could pick their knowledge about products which I’ve always been curious to know

Focus Gallery Jewellery School Launch

Hi everyone. On the 2nd May I attended the preview of the Focus Gallery Jewellery School which is opening to the public on Saturday 6th May. It's a newly refurbished spacious studio which contains all of the equipment and tools you will need for jewellery making. A small group of us had a taster workshop from 2pm-4pm and in this 2 hour session we made a ring with Alys Power who is a jewerellery maker and a wonderful teacher. We learnt how to cut, saw, solder, file, hammer and polish our rings. I especially enjoyed the tea and baked goodies supplied by Tough Mary's to get us through the afternoon (the blondie brownies were amazing. I'll be coming back for more of those).  Watch the video below. I'd like to thank the owner of the Focus Gallery Antonia Disney for inviting me. Follow the Focus Gallery on Instagram Twitter Bunny Hugs Hayley xxx