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E.l.f Lip Exfoliator Sweet Cherry Review

In 2016 E.l.f cosmetics was only available in the US and to order online from their website. But as of May this year they are available in the UK as they are sold online at Superdrug. Hooray!  So let's take a look at the Elf Sweet Cherry Lip Exfoliator. This was gifted to me by Preen.Me in exchange for my honest opinion, product use and for their #luxuryforall competition. I will explain later in the blog what the competition is all about. My first impression is that the packaging is sleek. I like the simple instructions on the back of how to use the product. I love that it's labelled as recycable and against animal testing. When I opened the packaging and held the exfoliator in my hand. It feels ideal for travel size and to pop in your hand bag on the go. The bullet swivels up and down exactly like a lipstick. I love how it's mess free. I love the light baby pink colour of Sweet Cherry. If you have been following me for a long time then you will know

Destructive Thoughts As A Plus-Size Woman And Self Love

Hi everyone. I think that it's important to love yourself no matter what shape or size you are. My journey of self love is still ongoing and some days it's really difficult for me to accept myself and how body is. I'm trying to break out of social media and societys conditioning of looking "perfect" (whatever that is) Recently I read a article on  about 11 most destructive thoughts every plus-size girl has. I found myself nodding and agreeing to 3 particular thoughts in the article which I wanted to share my thoughts on. 5 . "I hope no one is grossed out by me in this tank top" Summer is here and I don't particularly like wearing tank tops in public because I do not like my upper arms because I have  Keratosis pilaris . I find it difficult to not wear a cardigan or a shrug to cover them. I have been taking it slowly by wearing off the shoulder dresses which

Superdrug's Mango & Coconut Shower and Bath Soak

Yesterday afternoon I visited my local Superdrug as I wanted to purchase a shower gel which is going to be my summer scent for this year. If I can't be on a tropical island right now for my summer holidays then I will smell like one instead. What caught my eye was Superdrug's new range of shower & bath soaks currently on offer at £1.47 (usually £2.99) for 500ml of product. It's fantastic value for money. I love products which are good value and will last a long time. 6 scents are available in the range which is Rhubarb and Custard, Salted Caramel, Raspberry and Vanilla, Ginger and Honey, Avocado and Strawberry and Mango & Coconut. To look at the range on Superdrug's website click here . I brought the Mango & Coconut Shower and Bath soaks as it was my favourite scent avaliable. All of Superdrug own brand of products are cruelty-free as they have a leaping bunny logo on the back of the packaging. These products are suitable for vegetarians and vegan

The Importance Of Rest

In today's society, we are expected to be constantly on the go. Have you felt guilty of taking a minute out of your day just to do nothing? I have. Resting is in total opposition to society’s obsession with achieving. Rest can really be hard for many of us to do.  I'm currently taking a break from YouTube and apart of me feels guilty for it because I think that it will slow my process towards the goals that I want to achieve. I've realised that this is not true. I shouldn't feel guilty for taking a break if I feel that I need one. It's not going to hinder my process. I will still reach my goals however I will not burn my body out in the process. I'm currently thinking about my next move and where I want to go next. The importance of rest is to recharge your physical body even if your mind goes at a million miles per hour like mine does. So please give yourself permission to rest for a moment and do not feel guilty for it. Let me know