Around The World Summer Cocktail Launch Nottingham

On the evening of Thursday 27th July. I was invited to sample the new Summer Cocktail lauch at All Around The World with Notts Local News and fellow Nottingham bloggers. 

This amazing bar is in the Bierkeller Entertainment Complex on Friar lane.

This is the first time that I had visited since it used to be Walk About and it has been totally transformed. It's a beautiful venue with 3 sections Shooters Sports Bar (Top Floor), All Around The World (Ground Floor) and The Bierkeller (Bottom Floor).  
All Around The World's new cocktail menu is my definition of summer because nothing says summer to me like a fresh fruity cocktail in a glass. All Around The World has added 18 seasonal cocktails to its list of classics and favourites. I'm here to share with you in this post my thoughts and my personal favourite cocktails from the new menu.
What I love about cocktails from All Around The World is that they are all made fresh and right infront of of your eyes. They are made from fruit purees and vodka, whiskey and rum blends. 
Bar supervisor Dan Watson says the key to making the perfect summer cocktail is getting the balance of sweet and sour just right, and mixing up vibrant colours to recreate a sun-soaked holiday vibe.

“We look to create a contrast because you can’t just have sweet sweet sweet, that’s not a good combination. We only use fresh purees because they taste much more natural than regular juice, they give the cocktails texture and they look nicer because the colour is stronger.”
Dan says the summer menu was put together after a series of tasting sessions.
“We’ve got 18 new ones which made it onto there, but we rejected a lot more than that,” he explains.
“We sample in groups because it’s important to get a lot of people who like a combination, one opinion isn’t enough, so a lot of it is trial and error. Something can look amazing but taste awful and then it’s back to the drawing board"
General manager Sean Cullen says that cocktails are now a favourite with both sexes, and men are increasingly ditching beer to try them.
“Cocktails are really popular with everyone at the moment, and a lot of guys who a couple of years ago wouldn’t have touched them and would have gone straight for a pint, are now thinking, I wonder what that’s like? That’s a good thing because, especially in the summer, a refreshing drink is just what you need.”
Gemma (TheGemAgenda) and me sampling cocktails
The new menu includes Passion Fruit Margarita, Strawberry Mojito, Coconut and Lime Daiquiri and an English Country Garden made with Hendricks gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon and topped with prosecco.
My personal favourites from the menu were Passion Fruit Margarita, Strawberry Mojito, Coconut and Lime Daiquiri. All of them were tasted fruity, fresh and delicious. I will definetely be returning again for a visit in the near future.
We got very spoilt with all of the cocktails to taste and give feedback on. We were served a wide range of food to eat from mini pulled pork burgers, smoked salmon and cream cheese canapes, mini meat balls covered in cheese, mini fried chicken with a choice of dips to nachos. 
All dietary requirements were taken into consideration. Meat lovers, vegetarians and gluten free. I felt like such a VIP with the special treatment that I had received. I had way too many cocktails because I was having a fantastic time. It's great to let your hair a little down at events like this.
The venue would be nothing without the wonderful staff who cater to your every need. Izzy served our table. She is very sweet and a hard working waitress. She handled a large group of me and my work colleagues very well. 

I'd like to thank Paul for inviting me on Twitter. The Bierkeller Entertainment Complex for having me and the wonderful hospitality from all of hardworking staff.
Try Around The World Summer Cocktail Menu at

The Bierkeller Entertainment Complex
15-17 Friar Lane

Telephone 0845 533 3000


Images in this blog post are courtesy of Adam Johns Photography. Thank you :)

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