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The Body Shop Bloggers Event. Nottingham

Hi everyone On Tuesday 29th August at 6:15 pm The Body Shop (Bridlesmith Gate store) held their first bloggers evening. I really love The Body Shop because of the ethically sourced ingredients and they use their influence in the beauty industry to change the world for the better. An example of this is at the moment they are campaigning to ban animal testing all over the world. I love when beauty brands use their power to change the world for the better. I've signed the petition online. You can too by signing the petition here . I switched to cruelty-free beauty in April 2016 and it's been the best decision I've ever made. Click here to read my blog post about why I decided to make this change. I enjoy being conscious about what I buy because money is an influence. I think that what I am putting my money towards is funding the cruelty-free beauty brands who can grow and continue to do more good work. We were welcomed by the Body Shop staff with a fizzy summer fru

Notts Tweet Up

In my 5 problems with social media blog post a few months ago I discussed the negative side of social media. One of the problems being social isolation. NottsTweetUp is a perfection solution. It's a profile on Twitter which invites local tweeters to a different venue every month to meet in person. It's a great way to socialise and meet people behind their social media profiles. It's informal and free to attend. It's organised by @adamhayes900 and @deborahstar . If you are from Nottingham and are self-employed, run a business/charity, work in social media, digital marketing, blogger, vlogger etc. This event is perfect to network and socialise. A chalkboard is provided to write your twitter handle on. Everyone will follow and support each other. This meeting is not about the size of your audience but it's about sharing your passion and networking with other people . I think that it's incredibly easy in today's society to stay in the comfort your o