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It's In Nottingham Secret Dinner Club

I received an exciting email in my inbox from It's In Nottingham a few weeks ago inviting me to attend their first Secret Dinner Club. I jumped at the chance as I love mystery (it makes life interesting, don't you agree?). I wasn't provided any information to which venues I would attend on the evening of September 28th for dinner and drinks. The only information I was given was to meet at 6:30 pm next to the lions in the old market square along with fellow local bloggers. When we arrived It's In Nottingham where waiting for us with a photo frame to take pictures for their Instagram and for our social media pages. At 6:40pm we headed off to the first venue which was the  Boilermaker . I've never been to the Boilermaker before, however, I'm following them on Instagram and I've seen photographs of their innovative, unique and playful cocktails. I loved experiencing it in person. Every cocktail has it's own hashtag which is perfect for the social

3 Goals Which I Would Like To Achieve At 30

Last night it suddenly dawned on me that at the end of January in a few months time I shall be turning 30 years old. This may seem like a celebratory birthday milestone but in my mind what hangs over my head is a feeling of dread. Why do I feel this way? well, when I was 18 years I had a vision that by the age of 30 that I would have my dream job and be in the right relationship with the right man. Life hasn't turned out how I expected it to and this gives me a feeling that I've not measured up. Can all of my desires and goals still happen? of course, they can. I'm trying not to feel discouraged because I'm not where I want to be. Timing is everything. My time will come. Despite how crap I feel sometimes I can see the positives to where I am in life. I have the opportunity to be able to drive my life in whatever direction that I want it to. So how do I deal with approaching 30? well, I have an attitude of gratitude and think about everything which I have achi

5 Reasons Why I Love Spirituality

Hi everyone Today's blog post is a rather personal topic. I wanted to share with you 5 reasons why I love spirituality. I haven't spoken about my spiritual side much on BunnyMoonstone because I wasn't ready to open up and talk about it. But now I feel like I'm ready to share :). 1. Identity My spirituality is a strong part of my identity. The more that I accept my identity then the more I love myself. My spiritual path has helped me an enormous amount of self-love which then has resulted in a massive boost of confidence and assertiveness. In the past, I was a giver with no limits. I gave all of my energy and time away without thinking about myself. This would lead to exhaustion and anxiety. I've learned that I can be the sensitive, big-hearted soul that I always have been but I don't have to be a pushover. I can do whats right for me without feeling guilty because I am my own best friend. I've set healthy boundaries so I don't give all my energy

Salt Of The Earth Crystal Travel Deodorant Review

Hi everyone I decided to try Holland And Barrett 's Salt Of The Earth Crystal Travel Deodorant Unscented Stick . This is 50g of product for £3.50. It's a perfect size to pop in my handbag and I wanted to see if I liked it before I purchased a full size product (90g for £4.99). I really like it. It's a long lasting deodorant which causes no white marks on clothes. It's suitable for vegetarians and vegans, unisex and not tested on animals. This deodorant is potassium alum which is a natural mineral salt. The directions of use is you apply it to damp skin after washing or you can wet the stick and apply it to dry skin. If you allow this product to air dry then it will last longer. It's very easy to use and applies smoothly. I really like it as it contains no aluminum chloral hydrate, no alcohol, and no parabens. The deodorant is potassium alum which is a natural mineral salt. It's kind to the skin. My underarms are very sensitive and I can't use any f